Synkronizer 10 is now available and comes along with significant improvements

  • Full support of latest Excel versions
  • State-of-the-art user-friendly GUI integrated in Excel
  • Redesigned difference report easier to read

Already the former versions have been used by thousands of users in small and medium sized as well as in large international companies such as globally operating banks and insurance companies. Once Synkronizer founds its way into those organisations it spreads like a virus which, for us, proves that it is a useful Excel tool

Synkronizer allows you to compare calculation models, data bases, lists or whole Excel spreadsheets automaticallly. Differences are highlighted and can be aligned. If desired, Synkronizer allows you to merge your spreadsheets

The advantages are obvious

  • Time saving
  • Accurate, reliable
  • Comprehensive
  • Easy and fast


Here you will find a few simple examples of where Synkronizer can be of great help