Currency Calculator

The currency calculator allows you to convert the amount into Euro for the purchase of the Synkronizer software. Every billing will be done in Euro. The sole purpose of the calculator is to give you a price indication in a currency of your choice.


The currency calculator uses current average exchange rates. Therefore, the actual exchange rate used to convert the charged Euro amount into your currency may be slightly different. XL Consulting cannot be held reliable for the accuracy of below exchange rates.

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EUR 89.00

Foreign amounts

Currency Rate Amount
United States Dollars 1.1194 USD 99.63
Canada Dollars 1.4859 CAD 132.25
Australia Dollars 1.4792 AUD 131.65
United Kingdom Pounds 0.8747 GBP 77.85
Switzerland Francs 1.0849 CHF 96.56
Japan Yen 124.5618 JPY 11'086.00
New Zealand Dollars 1.5370 NZD 136.79
India Rupees 72.1962 INR 6'425.46
South Africa Rand 14.4525 ZAR 1'286.27