Here are the Excel improvements
you have been waiting for

  • Make sure you work with the latest versions of your Excel spreadsheets
  • Compare your Excel sheets automatically with a few clicks only
  • Use the difference report to examine the differences between two spreadsheets
  • If you wish, merge your two spreadsheets into a "new" single version and, hence, eliminate any differences or duplicates

Note that Synkronizer is fully integrated application within Excel 2010 32-bit, 2007, 2003 and XP (the beta version of Excel 64-bit will be released in Winter/Spring 2014). It can be started out of Excel under the menue "Review"-tab (Excel 2007, 2010) or "Tools"-Tab (Excel 2003, XP)

Detection of differences: Select the two spreadsheets you wish to compare and Synkronizer does the rest within a few clicks

The following differences are recognized automatically

  • different cell entries
  • different cell formulas
  • different formats
  • added and/or deleted rows
  • added and/or deleted columns
  • duplicates

All differences are presented within a few seconds only

Selection form


Differences screen


Synkronizer offers three different
possibilities for using the variations results

  • Highlighting of differences
  • Creation of a difference report
  • Merge differences

Highlighting of differences

Synkronizer highlights the differences of the underlying spreadsheets. Differences are highlighted with the following colors

  • different cell entries are yellow
  • different cell formats are orange
  • added columns and rows are green
  • deleted columns and rows are light blue
  • lavender for duplicate records are lavender
  • duplicates (redundant records) are grey

At one glance Synkronizer transparently displays all differences. At this point you might already decide with which version of the spreadsheet you wish to proceed

Highlight differences


Creation of a difference report

If desired, you can display the result of the comparison in a reader-friendly difference report

On this report you not only see the rows or columns deleted and/or added, but also each individual cell with different values

Furthermore the differences are directly hyperlinked to the underlying spreadsheets

The difference report displays the values entered on spreadsheet 1 and spreadsheet 2. This report is a great help for tracing differences and updating your Excel file

Difference report


Merge differences into one spreadsheet

The third and certainly most useful function of Synkronizer is the "Navigator" tool

After the comparison process the spreadsheets are displayed vertically or horizontally and a user-friendly form bar is displayed, with which you may easily navigate through the differences

Synkronizer ensures that both spreadsheets are displayed on your screen in order for you to directly compare all differences

You may decide with which version you wish to continue. With simple drag-and-drop you can transfer values from spreadsheet 1 to spreadsheet 2 or vice versa

This is the quickest way to eliminate all differences and you will have your Excel spreadsheet perfectly updated in an efficient and reliable manner

Navigator screen