Problems / Errors

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Problems / Errors

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Synkronizer 11 is installed but does not appear on the toolbar

The most likely cause is that Synkronizer ended up under "Disabled Add-ins". This may occur when Excel is shut down or crashes while Synkronizer is busy.


Proceed as follows to re-enable Synkronizer:

1.Click the Microsoft Office Button image, click Excel Options, and then click Add-Ins.


2.Check if Synkronizer 11 is listed under "Disabled Application Add-ins" (it should be listed under "Active Application Add-ins").


3.Select & remove Synkronizer from the disabled category. It will then appear either in "Active Application Add-ins" or "Inactive Application Add-ins". If it is listed under "inactive" then go to the ComAdd-in dropdown and activate it.



Now the Synkronizer logo should be visible in the toolbar. If not, proceed as follows:


1.Open the Windows Explorer and select the following directory:
C:\Program Files\Synkronizer\Synkronizer 11
2.Double-click the file AddinLoad.bat.
3.Select 1) Load in Current User (HKCU).
4.Close the window.




Error RunMacro:Synkronizer.11.xlam not loaded

This error indicates that you have too rigorous restrictions in the Trusted Center of Excel. Proceed as follows to solve this:


1.Verify that you have installed the latest build of Synkronizer 11.


2.Open Excel and select File » Options » Trust Center » Trust Center Settings...
3.Select tab "Macro Settings"
4.Select "Disable all macros with notification"
5.Select tab "Trusted Publishers"
6.Verify that "XL Consulting GmbH" is listed in the dialog box.
7.Re-start Excel


"XL Consulting GmbH” is not listed under "Trusted Publishers”
Do the following:
- Click Windows Start button
- Enter "cmd"
- Enter "certmgr" - the Certificate Manager will be opened
- Select "Trusted Publishers"
If it is not listed then add "XL Consulting GmbH" to "trusted publishers” as follows
- Close Excel
- Open Windows Explorer
- Navigate to installation folder ("C:\Program Files\Synkronizer\Synkronizer 11")
- Right click synkronizer.dll
- Select Properties
- Select tab: "Digital Signatures”
- Select "XL Consulting GmbH”
- Click "Details” button
- Click "View Certificate”
- Click "Install Certificate”
--- "Certificate Import Wizard” dialog ---
- Click Next
- Select "Place All certificates in the following store”
- Click "Browse"
- Select "Trusted Publishers"
- Click "Ok"
- Click "Next"
- Click "Finish"
- Close the open dialogs
- Start Excel
Excel 2013 - Protected sheets

Excel 2013 is very slow when working with protected sheets, this may cause annoying delays when opening projects or adding passwords.



Excel 2007 - Digital signature is invalid and cannot be trusted

Excel 2007 cannot handle the latest digital signatures and only supports the now deprecated sha1 standards. It has been superseded by newer versions of the Office suite. (


Proceed as follows to fix this bug:


Make sure you have installed the latest service pack:
Excel 2007 SP3 – (12.0.6683.5002)  with MSO(12.0.6683.5000)