Install, Uninstall

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Install, Uninstall

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Synkronizer 11 is a COM addin for Excel 2013 , 2010 and 2007. Synkronizer works both in 32-, and 64-bit mode.



1.Download the latest version.
2.Log on to Windows with administrator privileges.
3.Close Excel.
4.Open the the downloaded zip file, double click on the setup file and follow instructions...
5.Start Excel.
6.Synkronizer can now be started from the Add-Ins Tab
7.Register the software.


Versions & Updates

The installer will automatically uninstall older builds of Synkronizer 11 when found on your system.

Previous versions of Synkronizer are not affected.


Administrator Privileges

If you do not have administrative rights, you can not install the software.



Installation for Network License
A network license enables the use of a centralized license file stored on a network folder. The path to that location is stored in the registry and can be specified during installation with a command-line option only, best suited for scripted installs. It can also be set or changed in the application itself. (see Registration)



All files are located in the installation folder typically

C:\Program Files\Synkronizer\Synkronizer 11\


The license file is located in

C:\ProgramData\Synkronizer\Synkronizer 11


The Network License location is stored in the registry under:

Key        : HKLM\Software\[Wow6432Node\]Synkronizer\Synkronizer 11

Name        : LicensePath (String)

Value        : \\server\path\license.xml

Wow6432Node is used on 64bit windows with 32bit excel



Cached assemblies are located in a subfolder under



User.config files are located in a hashed subfolder under





Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime 2010


The setup program will search for these prerequisites and install or update them as needed.