Scripted Installation

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Scripted Installation

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The setup executable is a so-called bootstrapper for the windows installer files contained within, it also takes care of the prerequisites (.NET framework and VSTO runtime)


Command line arguments:


/? or /help

displays help dialog



extracts all files in <directory>



lists languages supported by this setup



launches the EXE setup without UI



launches the EXE setup with basic UI


/exelang <langId>

launches the EXE setup with the specified language



username used by the proxy



password used by the proxy



creates a log file at specified path



does not check for a newer version


/passive licensepath=<Server Path + License.xml>

used for network installation; defines the path and name of the license file



options for msiexec.exe running the MSI package






Standard install without displaying user interface (UI):
Synkronizer.11.0.xxxx.exe /exenoui