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In this menu, general settings can be changed.




Application Settings

In this section you can define the general settings of Synkronizer.


In this field, the language can be determined.
If your language is not available, we will give you a free Synkronizer version (Developer Version) if you help us translate Synkronizer material into your mother-tongue. Just contact us for your free copy. Prior to starting your translation, please contact us for detailed instructions.


Synchronized Scrolling
With this option you can scroll "synchronized" through the files. Synkronizer ensures that always the corresponding differences of the other file are displayed.



Project Settings

Here you can save, reload or reset your personal project settings. The following options are available:


Load defaults to project
Your preferred personal preferences are loaded (see "Save project as default")


Save project as default
With this button you can save your preferred settings. All settings regarding contents, formats, filters, report, highlighting and outline are saved.


Reset defaults to factory
All settings of the Select tab will be reset to the factory settings.



Undo settings

A strength of Synkronizer is its ability to highlighted differences and hide unwanted ones with the outlining feature. The downside of this option is that these changes will possibly remain in the Excel worksheets.


In this area you can choose what should happen with the highlighted and outlined changes. The following options are available:


Show dialog
When closing the Excel file, a dialog box is displayed allowing you to select whether the changes should be reset or not.


Never undo
The Synkronizer changes will not be reset.


Always undo
The Synkronizer changes are reset. Your Excel files will therefore be in the same state as prior to the comparison (except the transferred differences).



Color themes

If you don't like the colors Synkronizer uses to highlight the differences, you have the option to define your own. The colors  can be reset to the original "Synkronizer" colors with the button "Reset defaults to factory".


Do not use color

If certain difference types should not be highlighted, then simply select the desired difference type and click "No Color".