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Upon purchase you will receive a "registration key" for the edition you bought. This registration key is used to "register" and "activate" the software. The activation process is fully automated, it only needs an internet connection. In case firewall settings prevent the program's direct communication with our server, this process can also be performed via website or email.


What happens during the registration process?

The registration key and some hardware codes are sent to our activation server, which returns one or two activation codes. The activation codes received from the server should "match" the codes sent and will then be stored in the license file. The license file is now uniquely coupled to your PC and your software is activated.



Registration process:


1.Start Synkronizer.
2.Open the license manager with the following command:
Project » System » License Manager
3.Select the tab "Register":


4.Enter the registration key.
In the case of a multi-user license, you must additionally enter the sequence number of the license  (next to the registry key field).


5.Please enter then the secret question.
The security answer is an additional safeguard so that no one else can use your license. If you want to install your license on a second PC, you need to enter the same answer. The secret answer must be at least 5 characters long. The following characters are allowed: A-Z and 0-9.
6.Click "Activate your license online...".
The registration data is now sent to the activation server and the software is activated.
If you have no internet connection, you'll need to activate manually. Please read chapter "Manual Activation".

If you have any problems with the registration/activation process, please read chapter "Problems with registration".