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Results Tab

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After comparing, the results form as well as the worksheets are arranged side by side. In the results form, you can then smartly check and eliminate any difference.




In this section, various actions can be performed. With these actions, you can selectively and efficiently review and manage the differences.


This pane shows the worksheets and the number of differences found.

Differences for the selected worksheet/category are shown in the lower pane.


This pane shows each difference found for the selected worksheet/category cell in the upper pane. You can navigate to each difference and decide if the difference needs to be transferred or not.


Synkronizer will automatically display the corresponding areas of both worksheets side by side, so you can easily and directly overview the differences. At this point, you may decide with which version you wish to continue.  You can transfer values from the source sheet to the target sheet or vice versa.  This is the most efficient way to eliminate all differences, and your Excel worksheet will be perfectly updated in no time.



With the results form, you can perform the following actions:


Overview of differences
Synchronize worksheets / transfer differences
Delete unwanted differences
Show/hide differences