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When Synkronizer is started the main form or Select tab is displayed. The form is used to select entire projects or two Excel files that are to be compared, furthermore, virtually all comparison options, filters and actions can be defined in this form.










In this section are projects, comparison, tool and action options available. You can open, save or reset projects, define comparison options like contents, formats, filters, define the tools settings like report, highlight, outline and start the comparison process.


Select workbooks

Open and select the workbooks to be compared.







Select worksheets

Select the worksheets to be compared. The following options are available:

- define the worksheet types (all, protected, hidden)

- select and delete worksheets

- manually select worksheets








Options for worksheet pairs

Define worksheet settings like

- define ranges
- compare worksheets as database

- link worksheets 1 on 1

- compare as normal worksheet



The individual settings are described in the following chapters.




All empty workbooks and all workbooks in protected view will be closed when the form starts.