Link Data 1 on 1

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Link Data 1 on 1

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If you are sure that your worksheets do not contain new or deleted rows/columns, then you can compare your files with the "1 on 1 method". In this case, the rows and columns are compared "1 on 1" and only cell differences will be detected.


Proceed as follows to compare the rows and/or columns by the "1 on 1 linking method":


1. Select the worksheet pair, which should be compared 1 on 1.


2. Click "Compare as worksheet". The tab "Linking Options" appears.



4. The tab "Linking Options" appears. Click "Link columns 1 on 1" or "Link rows 1 on 1"



5. After confirming the 1 on 1 linking method, the linking icon appears next to the worksheet pair.