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With Synkronizer password-protected worksheets can also be compared. The disadvantage is that password-protected worksheets are not updated and that the differences can not be marked or outlined. But if you know the password/passwords of the worksheet(s), you can unlock the worksheets as follows:


1. Open the files which contain password-protected worksheets.


2. If the worksheets should not appear in the worksheets list, you might need to enable the "Protected" option in the pairing worksheet element:



Select "Protected" and click the "Add worksheets" button - the protected worksheets are now displayed.


3. The password-protected worksheets are displayed in green (successfully unlocked worksheet) or red (protected worksheet). In addition, a tab "Unprotect" appears, in which you can enter the password to unlock the worksheets:



4. In this area you can enter password(s) (a) to unlock the worksheets. When you click on the button "Unprotect" all protected worksheets are displayed (b).



5. Enter the password in the field a and unlock the worksheets. If you have successfully entered all the passwords, the worksheets are shown in green and the "Unprotect" tab disappears.