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Dear Synkronizer users


Thanks for choosing  Synkronizer 11. Synkronizer 11 is the most powerful Excel comparison program in the market. Synkronizer 11 is the only program worldwide that can compare and update regular Excel files and Excel databases.


Synkronizer 11 allows you to


compare Excel files,


update / transfer of differences,
highlight the differences in the underlying worksheets,
create a difference report,
merge different Excel worksheets or databases,
find differences / duplicates,
automate processes by using comparison projects,
create syntax for command line and Visual Basic (VBA )


This manual introduces you to the Synkronizer 11 environment and explains the essential functions.

Of course Synkronizer 11 may not be perfect. We are always interested in learning from our users, so your feedback is always welcome. For any suggestions or questions (e.g. menu items, settings, forms, or about this manual) feel free to contact us directly.




Thomas Strübi & Jurgen Volkerink

XL Consulting GmbH