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If you should have problems with the software (error messages, unable to activate, etc.), please proceed as follows:


1.Open a new e-mail without entering any content
2.Start the Synkronizer application
3.Select Project » System » License manager
The license manager is opened
4.Create a screenshot of the license screen:
5.Select the "Manage" tab and create a screenshot of it:
6.If you are working with a network license, click on the "Nodes Info" tab and make a screenshot of it:
7.Attach the file license.xml to the e-mail. The license file is stored in the following folder:
Local license:
C:\ProgramData\Synkronizer\Synkronizer 11
Network license
Shared network folder
8.Check if a error file was generated in the Windows temp folder. Open the Windows Explorer end enter the folder %TEMP%. If a file named synkronizerError.txt is there, attach it to the e-mail.
9.Send the screenshots and files to along with any further comments or observations you may have made. Please include information about your environment (e.g., network, Citrix server, terminal server, subnets, etc.) that might help us to evaluate and resolve the problem.
During business days, you will get an answer from our support team within 24 hours.